Auto Repair Service and Maintenance Warranties

We offer two types of warranties, a nationwide limited repair warranty and a lifetime warranty.

Nationwide Limited Repair Warranty

Download the details for our nationwide limited repair warranty.

MaxCare Warranty Auto Repair and Service in Aliso Viejo

We honor and deliver on the MaxCare warranty. Learn more about it here.

Lifetime Warranty Terms

The Glenwood Aliso Creek Auto Repair warranty does not apply to routine scheduled maintenance items or consumable items like brake pads or clutch plates. This warranty is not transferable if the vehicle changes ownership. This warranty does not cover used or customer supplied parts. You must maintain your vehicle according to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Any abuse of misuse of your vehicle including but not limited to: off-roading, racing, driving with any warning light on the dash, running the vehicle with temperature gauge beyond the halfway point, driving the vehicle with any gauges outside of the “normal” range (see your owner’s manual), running the vehicle while ignoring any symptoms or problems, warranty will be voided if any parts not related to those replaced by us fail and cause the original repair to fail. In the event that an automobile mechanical service rendered fails to perform to your satisfaction the vehicle must be returned to our facility and cannot exceed the amount charged for the original invoice. The same service as covered by the original invoice will be rendered to the degree necessary to correct faulty performance, unless a) we told the customer about vehicle problems and the customer declined those aforementioned problems or  the invoice is noted to show that the customer declined to authorize certain specified labor, parts, or materials as required for satisfactory performance. Additional  charges  for  labor,  parts,  or  materials will only occur in cases where new labor, parts, or  materials  might  be  authorized over and above those specified on the original invoice. Warranty service must be performed at Glenwood Aliso Creek Auto Repair. We do not reimburse for parts or service performed at any other repair facility or if you do the repairs yourself.  If there are any questions or concerns regarding our warranty policy which is not explained or handled to your complete satisfaction by Glenwood Aliso Creek Auto Repair.  Please contact us directly at (949) 505-5056.


Brake Power Booster, Fuel Pumps (non tank mounted), Thermostats, Gaskets (not head gaskets) , Electrical Components, Wiper Motors, Exhaust (including muffler & all pipes), Master Cylinder (brake & clutch), Ignition / Emission Parts, , Blower Motors, Air Conditioning Components (including compressor), Alternators & Starters, Water Pumps that do not have to be removed removing the timing cover.

36 MONTHS / 36,000 MILES Parts & Labor

Drive Axles, Steering & Suspension, Shocks & Struts, Bulbs, Clutches, Air Conditioning Evacuation & Recharge, window motors and regulators

24 MONTHS / 24,000 MILES Parts & Labor

Heater Cores, timing belts, and water pumps that can only be removed by replacing a timing belt, head gaskets (not damaged by overheating)

Engine Maintenance: Belts & Hoses, Transmission Maintenance flush*, Power Steering Maintenance flush*, Cooling System Maintenance  flush*, Brake System Maintenance  flush*, Differential Maintenance  flush*, Transfer Case Maintenance  flush*, New Transmissions, New Engine.

Catalytic converters. All vehicle computers.

12 MONTHS / 12,000 MILES Parts & Labor

Brake Rotors & Drums, Brake Pads / Shoes (front or rear).


Customers own parts or used parts. Exhaust components damaged by failed emissions systems. Parts not replaced by us that are damaged in the course of an authorized repair.

Coverage  is  for  component  failure  due  to  defects  in  material  and/or workmanship. Failure due to misuse, neglect or modifications are excluded.

Note*:   (covers replacement due to defects in material & workmanship. Does not cover replacement parts as a part of manufacturer recommended maintenance.)

I hereby authorize the above repair work to be done along with the necessary material and hereby grant you and/or your employee’s permission to operate the vehicle described for testing and/or inspection.  Express mechanic’s lien is hereby acknowledged on above vehicle to secure the amount of repairs thereto. SMOG: I understand that I can have emission service and/or adjustments done elsewhere. I hereby waive this right.  STORAGE FEE: I understand that a storage fee of $60 per day will be applied to vehicles left beyond 48 hours past completion. TEARDOWN ESTIMATE: I understand that my vehicle will be reassembled within 4 days of the date shown above if I choose not to authorize the service recommended. All Parts removed will be discarded unless instructed otherwise:  Save all Parts____.  NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE TO CARS OR ARTICLES LEFT IN CARS IN CASE OF FIRE, THEFT OR ANY OTHER CAUSE.  Your employees have permission to drive this vehicle on streets for testing Parts & labor have a lifetime warranty unless otherwise stated in this lifetime warranty document..  All warranties will be voided due to neglect of vehicle warning lights that will cause overheating and/or any other system or parts failure &/or overheating due to parts and or labor that have not been worked on by us or if recommended repairs were declined by you.

Glenwood Aliso Creek Auto Repair Lifetime Warranty Terms

It’s our pleasure to provide you with an Enterprise loaner vehicle.  This vehicle is yours to use for either 74 hours from the time you pick it up to the time you return it or 4 hours from the time you are notified that your vehicle is ready for pickup, whichever is shorter.  We do not pay for your loaner car during parts delays, time waiting for authorization from you (2 hour grace period), funds acquisition for your repair or any other delays.  Any vehicle not returned on time will incur a charge to your credit card.    You must be over 21 to drive the vehicle and you’re the only authorized driver on the vehicle. You are responsible for you own insurance, gasoline, lost rental key, upgraded vehicles above and beyond the daily rental fee that we pay.  You are signing a rental contract with Enterprise Rent-a-car Inc, all rules and regulations with regards their contract are between them and you.  We are held harmless for any incidents that occur from the time they pick you up to the time they drop you off back at our shop.

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