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How often do I need head gasket repair and replacement service or maintenance?

Replace every 100,000 miles

Routine maintenance is important to keep your car in good condition. Do not wait too long before serious problems develop. If you need service, schedule an appointment or contact us today.

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What Does the Head Gasket Do?

The point of a head gasket is to keep a seal between the engine block and cylinder head. The head gasket protects the engine from leaking oil, coolant, and combustion gases.

How the Head Gasket Works

Most engines commonly have two major components:

  • Cylinder Head
  • Engine Block

These two halves of the engine must seal each other off and act as one cohesive piece. If the two pieces do not act as one, then the engine fails.

The head gasket consists of a durable material capable of being placed between the two parts, sealing them off. When the cylinder head is tightened down, it pushes the gasket head into the engine block. The amount of force that this process generates removes any imperfections.

Bad Head Gasket Symptoms

When the head gasket itself is bad, there might not be any noticeable issues at first. 

Issues will only arises when there is a leak that has reached one of the following parts:

  • Engine Coolant Passage
  • Engine Cylinder
  • Engine Oil Passage

If a leak reaches any of those sections, then the engine will have a hard time starting up and will not run smoothly when your car idles. If there is oil or coolant leaking or the engine overheats or runs hot, then you have a problem. 

Possibly, the engine oil pan might contain coolant. The color will be creamy and lighter than the oil. You might even hear a gurgling sound, see engine oil, or smell combustion from the radiator or the engine coolant reservoir. These conditions might cause your engine light to appear.

When the engine burns coolant, it produces a white exhaust with a sweet scent. The smell is similar to engine coolant. When the gasket head is bad, the engine will overheat right away within minutes of starting, stall, then refuse to restart.

Am I Still Able to Drive When the Head Gasket is Bad?

Operating your vehicle when your head gasket is bad is not good for the engine. You might not even be able to drive your car at all. This causes your engine to overhear, which in turn destroys the engine block and/or the cylinder head.

If your car does not start at all, then it might have to be towed in order to transport it to a facility for repair.

When Should a Failed Head Gasket Be Replaced?

We recommend that the head gasket be replaced every 100,000 miles. That is usually how long they last. If your oil and coolant are properly maintained, then you might be able to extend the life of your head gasket.

Proper maintenance of the head gasket includes replacing dirty and contaminated fluids regularly. Your engine should run at a proper temperature to prevent overheating, which can prevent your car from starting. Being a defensive driver and not driving aggressively can save your head gasket.

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