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Getting your car inspected regularly is a good idea as it helps detect any issues with your vehicle before they become serious. If you wait too long, then minor issues can become major repairs. So come in for an inspection and get your car checked today. If you just need something like an oil change or tune-up, we can do those for you also. We have a very exhaustive list of services that we offer.

We offer a wide variety of repair services for you at our auto shop in Aliso Viejo. We are a NAPA AutoCare Center with ASE-Certified Master Technicians. Our services include tune ups, batteries, radiators, engine light, transmission, brakes and a lot more. So call us at (949) 505-5056 or schedule an appointment today for help.

How often do I need engine service or maintenance?

Replace every 150,000 to 200,000 miles

Routine maintenance is important to keep your car in good condition. Do not wait too long before serious problems develop. If you need service, schedule an appointment or contact us today.

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The engine is the heart and soul of your car, truck, or SUV. The engine is a very complicated part of the vehicle. Your engine will fail some day, even with the best maintenance. If you have been maintaining your vehicle regularly, then your engine will last you longer than those who have not. You will be able to get so many more miles out of your car with a well-kept engine.

Car Engine Maintainenece Auto Service Repair Aliso Viejo

We Have the Latest Vehicle Diagnostic Tools

With our advanced vehicle diagnostic tools, we can perform inspections and tests that will find exactly what is wrong with your car on your first visit. We will complete and finish repairs right then and there.

What You Should Do When Your Engine is Gone

When your engine has failed and can no longer be fixed, you have two options left:

  • Buy a new car
  • Get a remanufactured engine

If you are not ready to purchase a new vehicle yet, then getting a remanufactured engine is a great way to still get an extra thousands of miles. Our shop in Aliso Viejo, CA can do this for you.

What Are Some Common Engine Repairs?

  • Blown Head Gasket Repair
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation Repair (EGR)
  • Fuel Injector Control Module (FICM)
  • Intake Manifold Gasket
  • Mass Air Flow Sensor Replacement
  • Oil Cooler
  • Powertrain Control Module Replacement
  • Radiator Replacement
  • Replace Evaporative Emissions Purge Solenoid
  • Replace Evaporative Emissions Purge Control Valve
  • Replacing Spark Plug Wires and Spark Plugs

Diesel Engine Repair Services

  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
  • Head Stud Installation

Getting Your Engine Replaced With a Remanufactured Engine at Our Shop

When getting a remanufactured engine from us, you are guaranteed years of use through our 3-year/36,000 Mile Warranty which also includes a 2-Year / 24,000mile NAPA AutoCare Nationwide Peace of Mind Warranty. The NAPA care warranty is valid at over 12,000 locations

Do You Need Help With Your Car?

If you are having problems with your vehicle, come down to Glenwood Aliso Creek Auto Repair and get your car checked. We have several ways for you to contact us. Please choose what works best for you.

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