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Getting your car inspected regularly is a good idea as it helps detect any issues with your vehicle before they become serious. If you wait too long, then minor issues can become major repairs. So come in for an inspection and get your car checked today. If you just need something like an oil change or tune-up, we can do those for you also. We have a very exhaustive list of services that we offer.

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How often do I need cv axle shaft replacement service or maintenance?

Every 70,000 to 130,000 miles

Routine maintenance is important to keep your car in good condition. Do not wait too long before serious problems develop. If you need service, schedule an appointment or contact us today.

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What Are CV Axle Shaft Assemblies?

Have you ever noticed that while driving, your steering wheel might shake, vibrate or wobble? What about when you turn around a corner and hear a clicking sound from either the front or back wheels? 

CV Shaft Axle Auto Repair & Service Aliso Viejo

That sound is signaling a warning to you that the CV axles need to be looked at. CV stands for constant velocity shafts or axles. You can also call these half shafts or drive shafts. This is the part of your car that is a component of the drive train assembly which takes power from the engine and transmission and delivers it to your wheels, making your car move.

When your engine is running, it produces the power and motion that your wheels need to move your vehicle. Power from the engine has to be transferred through the transmission in order to make your wheels work. The power from the transmission is sent to the axles and CV joints.

When Your CV Axles Get Worn Down

The CV axle shaft assembly consists of four parts:

  • Axle Shaft
  • CV Joints
  • Rubber Boot
  • Wheel Hub

The axle shaft is connected to the wheel hub. The CV joints are attached to the axle shaft. Grease is needed to keep the CV joints well-lubricated. Finally, a protective rubber boot is placed over the CV. This helps keep the grease in and dirt out. 

CV Axle Shaft Assembly Repair or Replacement

Some vehicles have several CV axle joints within the drive train assembly. With general wear and tear, the rubber boot tends to have issues. You can tell because the area will leak grease. With the rubber boot having problems, dirt can enter the area and cause damage to the CV joints.
This type of repair requires a few specialized tools and is not a DIY project. These tools are meant to correct the torque of the wheel via tightening bolts. We will perform a complete installation at our shop with the needed parts. All new parts will be torqued to required specifications during the reassembly process. A road test will be done to ensure vehicle safety. This installation will also include inspection of related areas which are the suspension system, wheel bearings, and tire.

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