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Getting your car inspected regularly is a good idea as it helps detect any issues with your vehicle before they become serious. If you wait too long, then minor issues can become major repairs. So come in for an inspection and get your car checked today. If you just need something like an oil change or tune-up, we can do those for you also. We have a very exhaustive list of services that we offer.

We offer a wide variety of repair services for you at our auto shop in Aliso Viejo. We are a NAPA AutoCare Center with ASE-Certified Master Technicians. Our services include tune ups, batteries, radiators, engine light, transmission, brakes and a lot more. So call us at (949) 505-5056 or schedule an appointment today for help.

How often do I need check engine light service or maintenance?

Whenever the check engine light comes on

Routine maintenance is important to keep your car in good condition. Do not wait too long before serious problems develop. If you need service, schedule an appointment or contact us today.

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What Does It Mean When the Check Engine Light Comes On?

The engine light can come up all of a sudden while you are driving. Every time that you see that light come on you wonder to yourself what happened with your car. We have all been there. You do not notice anything different while in your car, so you keep driving with the light on. Since you notice nothing wrong with your car, you no longer worry about that light.

Service Check Engine Light Auto Repair & Service Aliso Viejo

Does this all sound too familiar? We have a tendency to ignore that engine light because it can come on for a million reasons. Sometimes this light is telling you something important. Something so important that something just happens to your car and you are left stranded. This was all due to ignoring that light.

What is the Purpose of the Check Engine Light in My Car?

That light that goes off in your car is signaling a warning. The light is connected to your car’s computer system.

This system controls many different parts of your vehicle:

  • Engine
  • Emission
  • Fuel System
  • More…

When there is an issue with one of these systems in your car, the light comes on. This is the time to take your car down to Glenwood Aliso Creek Auto Repair and we will run a check engine light diagnostic on your vehicle.

Is It Safe to Drive My Car With the Check Engine Light On?

You can keep driving with the light on, but just like any other repair, you should take care of it right away. Any prolonged driving without addressing the issue might cause more damage to your vehicle and result in even more expensive repairs.

This is important because at least with the light on, you know that there is something wrong with your car. So you are able to take care of the issue sooner rather than later.

What Are Things That Make the Check Engine Light Turn On?

There are several reasons why the light comes on, here are the most common reasons:

  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valves Sticky 
  • Fuel Injection Faulty 
  • Gas Cap Loose
  • Gasket Head Blown 
  • Hoses Loose or Cracked 
  • Oxygen Sensors Faulty
  • Spark Plugs Worn Out

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