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Getting your car inspected regularly is a good idea as it helps detect any issues with your vehicle before they become serious. If you wait too long, then minor issues can become major repairs. So come in for an inspection and get your car checked today. If you just need something like an oil change or tune-up, we can do those for you also. We have a very exhaustive list of services that we offer.

We offer a wide variety of repair services for you at our auto shop in Aliso Viejo. We are a NAPA AutoCare Center with ASE-Certified Master Technicians. Our services include tune ups, batteries, radiators, engine light, transmission, brakes and a lot more. So call us at (949) 505-5056 or schedule an appointment today for help.

When should I do routine maintenance on my vehicle?

Every 30,000, 60,000 and 90,000 miles

Routine maintenance is important to keep your car in good condition. Do not wait too long before serious problems develop. If you need service, schedule an appointment or contact us today.

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We Provide Auto Service Maintenance to Tustin Foothills

For those of you in Tustin Foothills, our auto repair shop in Aliso Viejo is here for you. Just call us at 949-505-5056 and let us know what you need. We will take care of you and your car.

Locations We Service

Vehicle Auto Repair and Service

Auto Repair

Automotive Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning Repair Tustin Foothills

We use the AC a lot when it is hot outside. It is a good idea to get your AC checked every two years. Our technicians will measure the amount of pressure in your air conditioning system. This measurement checks to see how strong your air conditioner is currently running. We use a special thermometer to check the temperature that your AC is outputting. So if your AC is not cold enough, bring it in and we will check it for you.

Auto Repair Diagnostic Service

Auto Diagnosis Tustin Foothills

Doing a routine checkup or inspection is important for early detection. Many issues, when caught sooner, are easier to repair than later. We will perform a diagnosis on your car and let you know of any issues that we find with it. Some issues that you might have noticed yet are a shaky steering wheel, harder to brake and difficulty shifting. A diagnosis can reveal several problems so make sure that you do as soon as something seems off.

Battery Replacement Automobile

Battery Replacement Tustin Foothills

Batteries provide power to run your car just like the batteries in electronic devices. When your battery no longer has any life left, it is time to replace it. Batteries usually last around three to five years depending on weather conditions and proper maintenance. Many times your battery will just run out of electricity and need replacement right then and there. Contact us at (949) 505-5056 and we will get towing to bring your car here and replace your old battery.

Belts Hoses

Belts & Hoses Tustin Foothills

These are the parts of your car that hold and bind everything together and keeps them moving and running smoothly. There are some signs to be aware of that might indicate that your belts and hoses are starting to wear and tear. If you hear a noise, then a belt might be loose or damaged. If a belt looks loose and is not properly wound around its parts, that could be another issue that needs to be addressed. Typically, the earliest that a belt might need to be looked at is every 50,000 miles.

Brake Repairs And Maintenance

Brake Repair Tustin Foothills

Making sure that your car can stop properly is very important to ensure your safety. As your brakes wear down, they start to make a noise when you use them. Are you hearing a sound when you brake to stop your car? If you are, then it might be time to have your brakes checked and see if they need service. We can look at your brakes and see if they need to be replaced.

Service Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light Tustin Foothills

This one light in your car is probably the reason why we know when it is time to have the car checked. The engine light could all of a sudden turn on and indicate any number of issues with your car. The light is just telling you that there might be an issue with your vehicle. Some common reasons why this light turns on are a loose gas cap, faulty oxygen sensors or faulty fuel injector. As soon as you see this light come on, bring your car in and we will figure out what the issue is.

Cooling System Inspections

Cooling System Repair Tustin Foothills

Your engine and transmission generate a lot of heat when they are running. The cooling system in your car is necessary to keep the temperature down. Coolant circulates your car using a water pump to transfer the heat over to the radiator. Then the radiator takes that heat and removes it from your vehicle. We recommend yearly inspections for your cooling system.

CV Shaft Axle Service

CV Axle Shaft Replacement Tustin Foothills

Sometimes when you drive, you might have noticed that your steering wheel is shaky or wobbly. This might be a sign that a part of the car that connects your two front wheels and your two back wheels might need attention. This part that connects each of the wheels on the sides of your car is called the constant velocity (CV) axle shaft. You might also hear a sound when turning your car. That is another sign that you might  need to have your car looked at.

Auto Mechanic - Car Electric

Electrical Diagnostics & Repair Tustin Foothills

There are many parts of your car that comprise its electrical systems. Some of these parts include the battery, starter and lights. It is recommended to check your electrical system every two years. Keep your car running safely and have us look at it for you. We will make sure that your electrical system is working properly.

Jasper Remanufactured Car Engine

Engine Repair Tustin Foothills

The engine is the heart of your vehicle and will last a long time with good maintenance. Even engines that have been given the most attention will still fail eventually. We have very advanced vehicle diagnostic tools to help locate engine problems. We can re-manufacture your engine instead of you having to get a new vehicle if you have engine failure. We offer a warranty if you decide to re-manufacture your engine.

Fuel Tank On Car Chassis

Fuel Pump Replacement Tustin Foothills

You notice that your car is starting to struggle when you are going uphill. This might be time for a fuel pump replacement. The fuel pump takes gas from your tank and transfers it to the engine. Then the engine can operate properly, allowing it to accelerate while carrying heavy cargo or going up a hill. Problems with a fuel pump that does not work properly are trouble starting the car and issues accelerating.

Head Gasket Repair

Head Gasket Repair & Replacement Tustin Foothills

The engine has two major parts, the engine block and cylinder head. These two parts must be sealed together and act as one whole unit. The head gasket is the seal that keeps these two parts of the engine together. Without the head gasket to keep the engine parts sealed, the engine will fail. When the head gasket is unable to maintain the seal, the performance of the engine will degrade over time. When the seal is no longer tight, leak might occur and your head gasket might need to be serviced.

Ignition Systems

Ignition Systems Tustin Foothills

The ignition starts your car when you either use a key for older vehicles or just push a button for newer vehicles. For older vehicles that use the key to start the ignition, you might hear some noise when the car will not start. When your car will not turn on, there could be issues with your ignition system. We recommend having your ignition system checked every year. Since the engine relies on a working ignition so let us help you if you have any issues with your car.

Mercedes Benz Auto Repair & Service Aliso Viejo

Mercedes Benz Repair
Tustin Foothills

Come and bring your Mercedes Benz to Glenwood Aliso Creek Auto Repair to get your vehicle repaired and serviced. We offer full repair and services for your Benz using factory-level computer scan tools and highly specialized repair equipment. Our ASE Certified and Master Technicians will keep your car in tip-top shape. We perform routine maintenance, engines, brakes, and much more. Do not wait too long to get your car checked!

Noise Diagnostics

Noise Diagnostics (Squeaks & Rattles) Tustin Foothills

When we are driving we sometimes hear these noises and cannot tell where they come from. Since you cannot visibly see the noises, it is hard to know what is causing that sound. The sound could be from a loose part that is hitting something. One idea is to remove your items from your car so that you can isolate if the sound is actually your car or your stuff. If you cannot find out what is going on, then bring your car in.

Power Door Locks & Door Latches Tustin Foothills

If you are having issues with locking and unlocking your car with your key fob, then something might be wrong with the power lock doors and latches. Many times, you will hear a motor running but nothing is actually happening, like something is stuck. Most of the time, this type of repair requires ordering a new part. There are a couple of parts that might need service, the door latch or door lock actuator. Whatever it is, we can take care of it for you.

Power Steering Fluid Change

Power Steering & Fluid Changes Tustin Foothills

Power steering fluid is needed to steer your car properly. Every 50,000 miles, you should have your fluid flushed and drained to keep it clear. Flushing out the old fluid will remove any contaminants. Then new fluid will be added to replace the old drained flushed fluid. New fluid will help keep your steering working well.

Pre Purchase Inspection Service

Pre-purchase Used Car Inspection Tustin Foothills

Before you buy a used car, get it inspected. We can do that for you. We will check both the interior and exterior of the vehicle, including the battery, brakes and suspension. This will help you know what kinds of repairs are needed if you decide to purchase the vehicle. This will give you confidence in your purchase.

Radiator Service

Radiator Repair & Replacement Tustin Foothills

The radiator is used to expel the excess heat that both your engine and transmission genearates. Using coolant that runs through your vehicle, the radiator can help regulate the temperature and prevent overheating. So a good working radiator is a must. Some radiator issues include leaking, rust and corrosion, and clogs. If the temperature is too hot and the radiator is unable to keep the temperature down, then the radiator might have issues.

Starter Alternator Service

Starter, Alternator or Battery Replacement Tustin Foothills

Have you ever turned the keys in your ignition and your car makes a loud noise and your car does not start? This could be a problem with your starter. Your starter system consists of a battery, alternator and starter. The battery provides power to your car. The alternator takes power from the battery and brings it to the various parts of your car that require electricity. The starter is used to start your engine. Make sure that your starter is working otherwise your car will not turn on!

Services Suspension

Suspension System: Shocks and Struts Tustin Foothills

The suspension in your car keeps everything together as it absorbs the impact that your car endures when you are driving on the road. This is necessary to keep your car on path and from veering away. The shocks are the part of suspensions that absorb impact. Struts act similarly to shocks in keeping you safe in your car while you drive and not bounce around.

Thermostat Replacement Service

Thermostat Replacement Tustin Foothills

The thermostat is used to measure and regulate the temperature of your vehicle. Without a thermostat, certain parts of your car would become too hot and possibly overheat. In order to keep your engine cool, the thermostat has to control the engine’s temperature using a valve. This valve opens and closes to regulate the amount of water that runs through the radiator. If your engine becomes too hot easily, then you might have a thermostat issue.

Automatic Transmission

Transmission Repair
Tustin Foothills

When you shift gears, that is your transmission working. Sometimes the gears do not shift as smoothly or get stuck. Some reasons why you might have transmission problems are issues with shifting gears, engine light comes on and leaking fluid under a parked car. Not all transmission repairs are expensive. Some cheap transmission repairs include leaking or old fluid and a bad solenoid.

Tune Ups And Spark Plugs Tustin Foothills

Tune ups are just common routine checkups to make sure nothing is seriously wrong. Some older vehicles should get tune ups every 10,000 miles. Newer vehicles can wait until 30,000 – 50,000 miles. Oil and spark plugs are what we look for when performing a tune up. These minor regular checks are important to keep your car living longer.

Turn Signal Repair
Tustin Foothills

We use our turn signal to tell other drivers which way we are turning. Sometimes it is something as small as just a burnt out bulb that needs to be replaced. Other times it might be loose wiring that needs to be reconnected. Since the turn signal lights are on the outside, we might not even notice that the lights are not turning on. The check engine light might come on to let you know that there might be an issue with your turn signal.

Power Door Locks Door Latches Auto Repair Service Aliso Viejo

Window Motor Regulator Tustin Foothills

When we need to do something outside from inside our car, we open up our windows. Your windows might all of a sudden stop working and the switches will not move them anymore. An issue with either the motor or the power switch might prevent your windows from working. Keep an eye out if your windows do not slide and up and down smoothly or move at unusually slow or fast speeds. Also, take note if the windows make a noise while moving or do not stay up when closed.

Auto Services and Maintenance

Cabin Air Filter Service

Cabin Air Filter
Tustin Foothills

This filter is used to clean the air that passes through and circulates in your vehicle. As you drive, air from the outside enters your vehicles and the filter cleans it. This is part of the ventilation system in your car. When you use the air conditioning or heater, the filter is responsible for keeping that air clear. That is why replacing the cabin air filter is necessary as it gets dirty over time. Dirty filters restrict air flow and place strain on your AC and heater.

Differential Gearbox Repair

Differential Maintenance Tustin Foothills

When you turn your car, the differential is able to control the speed at which your wheels are turning. This allows you to turn a lot more slowly when making wide turns or even U-turns. The differential handles this so that you can turn safely at slower speeds. The fluid used in differentials should be checked every 25,000 to 50,000 miles. There are different types of differentials used in cars.

Pouring antifreeze in a car

Cooling System Maintenance Tustin Foothills

The cooling system is designed to regulate the temperature of your vehicle’s engine and transmission. The temperature should be around 160°F and 220°F. Coolant is a liquid inside your cooling system to keep those parts of the car from overheating. Any cracks or worn seals will cause leaks in the system requiring maintenance. In order to keep your coolant running well, we will flush out the old coolant and replace it with fresh coolant.

Jasper Remanufactured Car Engine

Engine Maintenance
Tustin Foothills

There are several parts of your car that should be checked for engine maintenance. There are three filters, oil, air and fuel. These filters are important to have a clean intake system and cylinder chambers. Other important parts for a good running engine are the fuel injectors/carburetor, spark plugs and sensors. These are a lot of parts for the engine so make sure that they are all working properly.

Oil Change Service
Tustin Foothills

You should change your oil around every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. If you are using a synthetic oil, you might be able to do it every 7,000 miles.  A synthetic oil will last longer and is cleaner than a conventional oil. Our oil change services include oil and filter, along with a safety inspection from an ASE Certified Master Technician. We also top off all fluids, adjust tire pressures and do brake inspection.

Automatic Transmission

Transmission Maintenance Tustin Foothills

The transmission shifts gears in your car so that you can move it around. Have your transmission checked at the industry standard 24,000 miles. Make sure that you run these checks at the recommended intervals to avoid larger problems later. The cooling system not only cools down your engine but the hard work that your transmission does as well. Your engine and transmission work together so make sure that your engine is working properly also.

Valve Cover Replacement Service

Valve Cover Replacement Tustin Foothills

The valve cover is part of the head gasket in your engine. Some reasons why you need a new valve cover are leaking or low engine oil, the smell of burning oil and the engine is misfiring. The repair for a new valve cover involves replacing the old cover, cleaning the surface, adding a new cover and then checking for leaks. Once there are no more leaks, then repair is finished. Our ASE certified mechanics can help with a valve cover replacement.

Wheel Bearings Service

Wheel Bearing Replacement Tustin Foothills

When you drive, your steering wheel should turn your wheels smoothly and responsively. If you start to feel that your wheels are not turning as well with you steer, then you might need your wheel bearing checked. You should check your wheel bearings every two years. We have Qualified Certified Technicians who can help you. If your steering wheel is shaky then you should come in and have it looked at.

Additional Services

Tow Truck Service 24 Hours a Day

24-Hour Towing Tustin Foothills

We provide 24-hour towing service near you around the Aliso Viejo area. When your car breaks down and you need help, let us know. We will get your car towed here and repaired. With our 24-hour towing service, you will not be left alone stranded. We will respond quickly to your request.

Brake and Lamp Inspections

Brake & Lamp Inspection Tustin Foothills

It is important to pass the California Brake and Lamp Inspection as part of keeping your car safe to drive. Brakes are important to be able to stop on a dime. Lamps provide light to see at night. So bring your vehicle here to make sure that it passes this inspection. We will make sure that your car passes and is safe to drive.

Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration Service
Tustin Foothills

Remember when you just got your brand new car and the headlights were bright, shiny and clear? You could see and drive safely at night. When your headlights become yellow, the light shining through them is not as bright anymore. We will take the yellow off your headlights and provide a new layer of UV coating. We can get your yellow headlights back to crystal clear. 

Smog Check Star

STAR Certified Smog Check Test & Repair Station Tustin Foothills

The DMV requires a smog check as part of vehicle renewal registration. They are usually a quick process that takes 30 minutes or less. We will not only do a smog check test, but also repair if needed. Make sure that you do your smog check and respond to the DMV right away. Come bring your car here and we will help you take care of your smog check.

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